Motor Tour 2011 Recap - In Your Own Words

Nobody can tell the story of the Motor Tour as well as those of you who experienced it firsthand. So, here it is, culled directly from your comments on Facebook, Motor Tour 2011 in your own words:

General comments:

  • "We had a great time." - Brian Burke
  • "Had a great time. We traveled 1144 miles in the Corvette in 4 days. Good road trip." - John Weidner
  • "The tour was great, we had fun, thanks to all the organizers for their hard work planning fun for us. :)" - Kathy Wester
  • "We enjoyed it. This is the first one where I was able to attend start to finish! I think we took over 500 pictures. Made new friends, saw new places, and explored the way Bob would've been proud. Can't wait for next year!" - Josh Friedrich
  • "It was wonderful. Every stop was filled with fun and stories. Great time and looking forward to the next big adventure next year. Keep up the great work." - Wendy Friedrich
  • "My daughter and I had a blast! Met lots of great people, made new friends and explored lots of new places. Really was fun to be part of something that made everyone feel so good. Great job!" - Heather Wilkins
  • "First time seeing Sprague's inside, very cool, thanks Association, for restoration!" - Kathy Wester
  • "Just got to the Holiday Inn, let my 16 yr old drive for his first time on 66!" - Scott Bickett

What was your favorite part of the 2011 Motor Tour?

  • "My Dad's induction to the Hall of Fame. :)" - Patti Bornder-Graham
  • "Having everyone stop in Pontiac! It was great to see everyone enjoying themselves!" - Ellie Alexander
  • "Being with my friends both old and new. I thought the tour was a great success. Everyone seemed to be having a wonderful time." - Dorothy McMullen
  • "The Motor Tour is a wonderful opportunity to see old friends and make new ones. It is too bad this happens only once a year. People, thats what Route 66 is all about. There sure was an outstanding group on the tour this year." John Weiss
  • "My Favorite part was from Friday night at 5 till Sunday night at midnight." - Thomas Armbruster
  • "The grain elevator tour, the Old Capitol Building tour, lunch in Pontiac, thanks to all the organizers, great job!" - Kathy Wester
  • "To us it was seeing all the classic cars, I know not everyone wants one or can have one, but to see them as a group going down the road just makes it seem more like " back in the day!" - Scott Bickett
  • "Traveling with our friends, never a dull moment." - Brian Burke

And there you have it - reflections of Motor Tour 2011 from those who lived it! It sure sounds like everyone had a fantastic time and made memories that will last as long as the Mother Road herself.

Kinda makes you want to make plans for Motor Tour 2012, doesn't it?

And because pictures can speak louder than words, here's a slideshow created and generously shared by Kathy and Paul Wester. Thanks, folks! 0 no-repeat">
Route 66 Motor Tour, 2011 Slideshow: Kathy’s trip from Joliet, Illinois, United States to 12 cities Springfield, Normal, Litchfield, Lincoln, Pontiac, Chenoa, Dwight, Atlanta, Village of Broadwell (near Elkhart), Gardner, Virden and City of Lexington (near Lexington) was created by TripAdvisor. See another United States slideshow. Create a free slideshow with music from your travel photos.
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